Giving Thanks

We can't leave this day unrecognized so we thought we would share the top things these West Coast Wives are thankful for...

Queen JLo

I'm sure you saw her AMA performance this past week.  If you haven't, crawl out of that rock you've been under it is amaze-balls.  We are thankful for Miss Jenny for the Block for not only making me question my sexuality but also for showing us that  your 40's can look so damn good. What excuses do we have in our 30's?! NONE. Bow down when you come to JLo's town.


We can be snarky and silly here on WCW but in all seriousness, a city known for inspiring so much culture, history, art, (Chanel),  and love they have shown such resilience and beauty in the aftermath of such a horrific tragic event. It truly is a reminder to be thankful and appreciative for the life we have and of all the lives around us.  

Cyber Monday

Thanks to Cyber Monday we are able spend Black Friday nursing hangovers and watching Xmas specials far, far away from overly aggressive shoppers yanking their screaming kids around. We prefer the civilized route-  checking off the 'ol gift list from the safety of our offices on company time.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Right smack dab in the middle of the holidays, this annual phenomenon serves as a crucial reminder to slow your Christmas cookie roll.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes you feel more like a slobbery obese with frosting on your neck rolls than watching these beautiful freaks of nature strutting their bad ass selves down the runway. VSFS season is my bathing suit season. I train to tune in.

Herbal 'Remedies'

While portioning and moderation are daily exercises in self-control during the months of Novemebr and December, we can't completely deprive ourselves during the holidays. Thanks to our herbal remedies (think less Cheech and Chong and more Swiss Kriss and Ballerina Tea) we're able to keep things moving along and give that cheese board that might have been chased with a pumpkin pie an exit strategy.


San Diego (aka home for us WCWs) is a transplant city where finding a native San Diegan is basically the equivalent to finding a unicorn. Whether out here for school, work, or eternal sunshine the truth is we don't have family that chased the dream with us (um, thank god). During the holidays though this can be a bummer which is why there's no ship like FWENDSHIP. We rely on our pals and they really become our second fam bam. And with this family we can drink that bottle of champs through a crazy straw and wear slutty holiday attire with wayyyy less judgement. 


Now we couldn't be a WCW without our WCHusband's.  Although we have to put up with their spontaneous flatulence, forgetfulness when it comes to yet another dinner plan, their hands on their junk in front of the TV, their drunken seduction attempts, (the list can go on!) we are so grateful for these hubbys and all the love and support they offer us all day erday.  Who else can dodge questions like "Does this make me look fat?" and "Which celebrity would you want as you hall pass?" Who else will sit and hold our purses at the next Bloomie's sale?  Who else will let us pick at their faces like a mother orangutan? We may put up with a lot with these baboons but we ladies are no walk in the park either!  Thank you boys for loving us even when we ugly cry.  

Happy Thanksgiving from the WestCoastWives- xoxoxoxoxo!!!

Putting in Swork

Idle time makes for gut pooch and thigh rubbing. Thus no days go unaccounted for in my search for a workout. I'm a bit of a spaz when it comes to planning my week's workouts.  Yoga one day, sculpt another, then running another day, but make sure I'm not doing the same workout back to back.  It's exhausting just thinking about it.  Sometimes things like day light savings, and unexpected late meetings, and my nanny calling out sick will get in the way of my carefully scheduled workout plans.  No workout means I'm a cranky beyotch who then tries to starve herself thinking I can make up the difference. This means a hangry and irritable wifey who inevitably will be raiding the cupboards and eating 3 bowls of cereal in a fury at 11 at night.   UNTIL NOW!

I am not quite sure how i found this app.  Might have been when I fell into a google search worm hole searching Justin Gelband (the VS Angels trainer) workouts and found myself clicking away on ads like "Fit abs in 15 Minutes!" and "Get your Beach Bod here!" Nonetheless, the SworkIt app fell into my lap and has been a godsend since.  


SworkIt is uber convenient and it's 'lite' version is FREE.  I have yet to upgrade for the measly  $3.99 (I'm saving up for my Cartier Roadster Watch), but i'm currently very content with the SworkIt Lite offerings.  It brings you choices of video-led workouts that you can do anywhere for as long as you want with just the touch of your smartphone. The workouts are organized under strength, cardio, yoga and stretching and can be customized on your focuses.  Here are the key reasons SworkIt has been working it for me:

  • The convenience factor takes the cake... I truly don't stress as much knowing that if my day takes a turn where I won't make it to my Yoga Sculpt class I have a Plan B.  I've used SworkIt on vacation, on business trips, and at home late night in front of the TV. Along with the convenience factor it's nice to minimize laundry by working out in your underwear and sports bra in the privacy of your own home or hotel room.
  • The workout database is awesome and if you're too lazy to create one yourself you have access to pre-made workouts customized by other users.  I once did a workout called "Bring the Pain" that had me dying in my backyard.  Each workout breaks it down to intervals including 5 exercises that are done for 30 seconds with a ten second transition in between.  There's a 30 second rest after every interval and all the exercises are at random for the duration of your workout.
  •  The videos are guided and has a person showing you the correct form for the exercise. This is great because if you don't know what a spiderman push-up is, no worries! There's a video of a person showing you how to do one and doing it with you! You can also sync the workouts with your Spotify or Iphone playlist to keep you motivated.
  • A lot of the SworkIt's workouts rely on using your own body weight or endurance.  They do have workouts that can incorporate weights but I personally like  going weightless with the cardio or strength full body workouts.  You can workout for as long or as short as you want, but the app's workout's intensity at 35 minutes are deemed sufficient for a proper session.  The exercises go from burpees, to high jumps, to lunges, to mountain climbers, etc. all at random keeping your muscle groups guessing. So lets say you had a fried chicken and Doritoes sodium binge one night and need to sweat out the bloat aftermath.  Try the "Suns out Guns out" workout for 35 minutes and watch those Cool Ranch snackers drip off you. 
  • SworkIt has also offered me great entertainment.  I once coerced my husband to do a 5 minute yoga exercise at the foot of our bed. Watching him trying to get into "Eagle Pose" is always a good laugh. 
This is the next pose I'm working on getting him into.

This is the next pose I'm working on getting him into.

Give SworkIt a shot and let us know how it goes! Or if you have any other convenient workouts to share, share away!


Fix Your Face

For those of you who have already seen this video on my artistry page and artistry instagram (shameless plug, @tuyentranartistry), apologies for this self indulgence but I had to share with my WestCoastWives followers.  This video highlights a few things I'm really into right now: the splice app, contouring, and makeup foundation tools.  

Every morning I am greeted with a very important decision... What is the makeup look I want to go for?  Do I want a polished glam look with contour resembling Lili Galichi? Do i want a bronzed, glowy beach look like Gigi Hadid? What about a minimalist fresh faced look like Emma Watson?    Yes, as Donald Trump is solving our country's problems, I'm busily figuring out my face's debut into my Monday workday. Because I am obsessed with makeup and all the paraphernalia that go along with it, there is not just one tool I use to achieve these looks.  Ladies and gentlemen get your makeup boner's ready for some of my favorite foundation and face blending applicators.



Beauty Blender $20

No ladies, this isn't a butt plug but it certainly is just as exciting! The beauty blender used wet to blend your foundation is phenomenal.  It is particularly great under the eye area and has a feeling like using your fingers without the icky transfer of germs.  You can also use this for buffing the loose powder that rests on the surface of your skin to eliminates that furry "I have an adolescent peach fuzz beard"  look.  I also like to carry this with me and use it midday when my makeup starts to get ruddy and needs to be blended through and softened rather than adding more powder or foundation. There are many imitations of the beauty blender out there that have even more phallic representations, but I find the beauty blender to have the most longevity. 



Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Brush $82

Can we take a moment to admire this beautiful work of makeup genius.  Mr. Aucoin is looking down from the heavens blessing this creation.  Yes this brush is a splurge but it gives an amazing airbrushed look to your face and makes you feel like Kevyn Aucoin is personally applying your foundation. Ok that is a bit of a hyperbole, but it truly feels like luxury.  I  use circular rounded motions on my face to create a buffed out flawless finish.  The quality of the bristles feel so good on my face that it makes me want to rub it in other places. Like my hand!!!  Get your minds out of the gutter! I digress. The blending style of this brush is great not only for foundation but any kind of highlighter or color corrector. I love buffing my Smashbox Photo Finish Color Corrector with this because it integrates with my foundation so smoothly that my skin's dark spots seamlessly disappear.  The long handle on this brush does not make it easy for travelling in your handbag but it's awesome for getting ready at home for that glam night out.  


Giorgio Armani Blender Brush $49

Don't let the size of this little guy fool you.  This baby makes the saying "it's not about the size of the boat, it's about the motion with my foundation"  so true, (ok the saying didn't quite go like that but you get the point).  This is a makeup bag MUST HAVE! I got this brush as a hand me down 4 years ago from a BFF of mine and just had to replace it because I got the bristles stuck in a zipper (insert There's Something About Mary joke here).  This brush can do it all.  It does a fabulous job with blending cream contour. The bristles are that perfect size where it's small enough to specifically carve out areas like cheekbones or your nose without blending your makeup away like larger brushes can.  It can blend foundation. It can blend concealer. It applies cream blush beautifully to cheeks and cream highlighters to cheekbones.  The list goes on and I'm hoping it will one day walk into the kitchen and pour me a martini.  The short handle, although not as impactful looking as its long handled competitors, is awesome for travel, convenience, and can get the job done!  For you ladies who are familiar, consider it the "Bullet" of makeup brushes.   A definite staple for your makeup arsenal.    





Happy Hour Help is here!

Drinking, eating and dressing up are the makings of a good time. Now, if you can do all that on a budget it's a BLAST! With the recent splurge on my YSL work bag eating into my budget, saving on my girls night out and social time is a must.  I LOVE a good Happy Hour.  I'm not talking about a Joe's Sports Bar happy hour of all you can eat wings and endless bowls of chili fries, BARF!  A great Happy Hour for this WESTCOASTWIFE consists of a swanky scene, snobby food, affordable wine, and good looking people.  With San Diego being known for its fabulous weather you can always be sure to find a spot with great scenery and fun outdoor seating.  Here are three of my current faves:

The Patio Lamont St. Pacific Beach and The Patio on Goldfinch Mission Hills-

Pacific Beach location

Pacific Beach location

The Scene ****

Both restaurants are in awesome locations with a contemporary rustic vibe.  As it's namesake states, both restaurants are centered around their cleverly decorated and arranged patios.  In the Pacific Beach location you will find a young, professional, trendy beach crowd where "bros" put to bed their striped tanks and opt for a clean cut vibe and recently graduated San Diego State sorority girls don effortless looking $300 highlights and trendy over sized tote bags.  In Mission Hills you get a mix of the neighborhood's old money novelists and hipsters in non-prescription Warby Parkers. Both are circles I would happily like to be included in!

Mission Hills location

Mission Hills location

Wine and DIne ***

The food on the Happy Hour lists slightly vary at both locations and consist of high quality yummies including things like fancy artisanal flat breads and delicious ahi poke tacos.  The wine list consists of esoteric brands with varietals from unusual locales; like a Pinot Noir from Argentina and a sparkling wine from Austria.  Fun stuff to tittilate your taste buds!

The Happy Hour $$$$                                                                                                                                                                         3-6pm and 10-12am

This is a spendier Happy Hour than most because the food is just a couple bucks cheaper than the regular menu.  It won't break the bank but you will be spending over $10 for a flat bread versus other competing restaurants. The nice thing is you make up for it in their awesome cost of wine.  Here they give 1/2 off on all wines on the menu. A steal considering the quality.  There's an early and later Happy Hour making The Patio a great spot for an early evening blind date where you can get a clear view of your suitor's goods,  or for your late night booty call you're trying to keep under wraps. 

Cafe la Rue at La Valencia Hotel La Jolla

The Scene ***

"Miss Khloe K, we are ready to serve you."

"Miss Khloe K, we are ready to serve you."

At the front of the La Valencia Hotel doubling as an espresso bar and French bistro-style cafe, Cafe la Rue has a classic throwback charm that exhibits luxury with a welcoming feel. This spot is a La Jolla landmark where you get a mix of local La Jolla cougars, businessmen divorcees, swarthy European travelers, and posses of wives looking for a night away from their cheating husbands.  There's diamonds and bedazzling all around you with a "I look like I shop at Cache but this is actually a dress by Escada" or "My outfit is inspired by Kris Jenner" theme. In fact, this is the hotel of choice for the Kardashian Klan when they visit San Diego where their grandmother is a La Jolla native.  Even more incentive for me to make a visit!

Wine and Dine ***

The Happy Hour is limited to their extensive appetizer list consisting of Franco-fusion cuisine. You can order one of my favorite go-to's Moules with Pommes Frites (mussels and fries), or an extensive Charcuterie et Fromages plate with fancy cheeses, preserves, mustard, meats, and pates.  Oui oui!!  All the dishes are great to share and are easy to pair with the extensive wine list.  They have a very global wine list with an emphasis on European classics like Spanish Tempranillo's, French Sancerre's and German Rieslings.  Alas they still must cater to their demographic by offering their fair share of "Cougar Juice" otherwise known as buttery California Chardonnays.  

The Happy Hour$$                                                                                                                                                                        4pm-7pm

Cafe la Rue's Happy Hour offers: half off all beer, wine, and appetizers, $5 house cocktails and $7 martinis.  Wanna make a guess at how often this is??? EVERY DAY of the week! In my opinion, one of the best deals in the county. The later time frame of 4pm-7pm makes it convenient for those who would like a quick moment after work to touch up their makeup and have themselves a little ho bath before hitting the town again. In fact, a little bird told me they might be extending their Happy Hour an extra hour from 3-7! This is one of my personal haunts for a gossiping, gorging, guzzling, girls night out.  The silver foxes putting out the vibe at the bar with tan lines on their ring finger also make for great entertainment.  

Oceanaire, San Diego Gaslamp

The Scene **

This is your classic fine dining establishment with a touch of that Mad Men time warp feel. The Happy Hour is limited to the small lounge/bar area with dimly lit booths and tables with hot bartenders dressed in shirt and tie.  It's a mixed crowd of San Diego locals, young professionals, and travelling businessmen. The tight quarters demand for either making interesting conversation with an unlikely patron or a run-in with a martini spilling down the back of your silk Joie blouse.  Still a fun spot to dress up and cast glances at your potential Don Draper.    

Can Jon Hamm be my barstool?

Can Jon Hamm be my barstool?

Wine and Dine ***

If you are a seafood fan, this is one of the best destinations in downtown San Diego for high-end seafood fare.  The happy hour offers an extensive appetizer list with a mix of fresh ceviches and shrimp & grits shared plates. What really puts Oceanaire on my fave list is that the oyster bar is also included on the Happy Hour menu!  They boast a large selection like Fanny May Oysters, Kumamoto, Blue Points, etc...  (I admit that I once came and ate 18 oysters all by myself!). What brings down the stars for this spot is the limited wine list with mid- to low-level wines.  I generally choose to peruse the main wine list where they offer well-known trophy brands and heavy hitters from Sonoma and Napa Valley.   

The Happy Hour $$$                                                                                                                                                                      Mon-Fri 5-6pm, and 9pm-close Sun 8pm-close

For a high-end establishment, Oceanaire does a fabulous job at offering an appetizer list so affordable you can have things like crab cake sliders for $8 or a lobster roll and fries meal for $16.  Truly a steal for the quality and location.  The oyster bar offers a large variety at a dollar each!  Great spot to get the libido going (although this is actually just relevant to men, and has no spurring of the groins for you ladies. Boo.)! The price of the wine fits the quality...CHEAP, and at $6 for all glasses it's hard to complain. With me eating mainly the oysters, I often pay the corkage so I can pair my eats with something a little snobbier.  Oysters might not make me drop my Hanky Panky's,  but pairing a bottle of Clicquot with them sure will! The hours of Happy Hour operation are a bit of a puzzle so i'm going to focus on my favorite time slot...SUNDAY FUNDAY!  With an 8pm-close, it's a great date night with the hubby and a perfect way to end the weekend.  



An Accessory for the Less Endowed...

Gentlemen, if you clicked here hoping to find a miracle item that would provide the optical illusion of a Tommy Lee 9-incher well I'm sorry to prematurely bust your bitty boner bubble. This is advice of the mammary sort.  

There was a time I had great breasts. They were a small C cup that were youthful, perky, fun and flirty.  Then child bearing and breast-feeding stole the life and joyous soul out of 'em . What was left behind in the wake of the war were sad, southernly facing bags of sand (40 Year Old Virgin movie reference).  Now, barely a B cup my cleavage where at one time my breasts were inseparable best friends always at each other's side,  have now parted like the Red Sea and resemble an ill-fated couple sleeping on opposite sides of the bed.  Days of wearing my nipples as an accessory have come and gone. There is nothing less sexy than seeing someone's nipple staring at their feet.  BUT alas another accessory emerged that I was NOT able to wear before….

I couldn't wear bralettes with bigger breasts.  They would cause nip slips, quadra-boob (this is when there isn't enough fabric to cover your breast so it cuts in to the middle of your boob and appears like two lumps), and they wouldn't offer any support.  Now, bralettes fit fabulously and give my mosquito bites an illusion of a spot of cleavage.  For the occasional night out they make a great accessory to an outfit and add a touch of femininity, sexiness and sass.  Since I can't rock my nipples the little peak of lace gives that flirty je ne sais quois to any date night outfit. My collection is a plethora of styles and shades that I like to add as a pop of color under a top or dress. With my style I prefer the more lacey feminine bralettes but you can find them in a more strappy dominatrix looking style that fellow blogger Jeanie sometimes rocks in her wardrobe (super hot under simple tanks or tees!). What's great about these fun accessories is you can buy them on a bargain so you can shift colors and styles with the season then wash, wear a few times, throw away then replace with another. They are often found reasonably priced at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Amazon, etc.  Check out some of the ways i like to accessorize with my bralettes.

  • Bralette- Amazon $7.99
  • Blouse- Harlowe & Grahamm








  • Bralette-Urban Outfitters $16.99
  • T-shirt- Splendid
  • Bracelet- The Fabulous Rag Pacific Beach







  • Bralette- The Closet $6.99
  • Romper- The Closet
  • Bracelet- Bullets & Bangles







  • Bralette- Forever 21 $12.00
  • Tank - Lush
  • Bracelet- Chan Luu







  • Bralette-Asos $9.00
  • Romper- Winston White
  • Necklace- Nordstrom


Ante Up or Pinch your Pennies

Today I thought I'd share some beauty products in my arsenal that are worth the splurge and others that are shockingly chic considering their low price point.  Without further ado, I bring you WestCoastWive's first edition of...


Binge #1: Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

For me, this is the end-all-be-all of lipsticks. Not only is the packaging amazeballs, the shade is everything. There's a reason this is frequently sold out- it is the perfect nude with just enough pink and when layered plays well with just about every other lip color out there.

Bargain #1: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder

I happened upon this bronzer after reading an article on the best drug store beauty products and was pleasantly surprised. At just $3 bucks a pop I wasn't expecting much, but it's got just enough pigment, isn't orangey (or shimmery), and impressive staying power.

Binge #2: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

If I am wearing eye shadow, you can bet your bottom dollar this bad boy is underneath it all. I tend to be on the oily side and apparently my eyelids are in on that fun. Not only does this primer keep everything in place and crease free allllllll day, it also makes bargain eyeshadows much more doable.

Bargain #2: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment

Even though this hair mask incorporates the abominable 'm' word in it's name, I am able to pretend not to notice considering just three minutes of this $3 elixir smooths frayed ends, amps shine, and leaves my strands silky soft.

Binge #3: tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

I was turned on to this foundation by my hometown bestie (shout out Pinky Chop Chop, hey girl heyyyyy!!! xoxo). I had been dealing with a major breakout sitch and was in a cycle of "I need to cover up this shit but my cover up is giving me more shit to cover up" and this has been a god-send. It provides coverage, but isn't heavy or clog pores. It can be layered to build coverage and used with a concealer brush to target specific areas that might need a bit more camouflaging. I've been using this brush with it lately and think these two are a match made in heaven. I HEART TARTE.

Bargain #3: Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol. Not the drinking kind. For me at least (no judgement). Did you know this is THE best blemish fighter I've discovered to date?? Yes, it's harsh. Which is why a dab will do ya and it WORKS. Just soak a cotton ball and lightly dab that jerk once in the AM and again in the PM and watch it dry up and disappear in record speed. 

Binge #4: DryBar Triple Sec 3-in-1

I have tried a gazillion dry shampoos (Big Sexy Hair, Batiste, Tresemme, Caviar... just to name a few) but had yet to find the 'one' until my last visit to Drybar and an impulse purchase. Dry shampoos typically leave my hair... icky. The only way I can think to describe the overly-dry, dull, and sticky sensation that I loathe. Triple Sec is the anti-icky. It's light, provides just enough hold, and smells ermerzing.

Bargain #4: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Pinkerbell

I can honestly say I never thought I'd be singing the praises of my pre-teen baby-sitting income affordable go-to, but I tried this shade after hearing about it as a hack for MAC's Viva Glam Nicki and have never looked back. I'm proudly packin' this crappy plastic tube because the shade is uber hot and universally flattering.

Binge #5: Bobbi Brow Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

This product possesses all the qualities I could ever desire in an eye-liner: it glides on smoothly but is still easy to apply, it is smudgeable but doesn't budge once set, and it's SUPER water-proof, as in it can be used on your waterline without pooling in the corner of your eyes (aka that gross mascara goop, remember the Friends episode??? bleck.).

Bargain #5: Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub

I loooooove this face wash. It's got just the right amount of grit to leave your face feeling scrubbed but not scraped off, it's got a bit of lather so you can spend some time working it in, and it smells refreshing, leaves skin glowing, and is made with healthy, skin-nourishing ingredients.

Happy shopping.