An Accessory for the Less Endowed...

Gentlemen, if you clicked here hoping to find a miracle item that would provide the optical illusion of a Tommy Lee 9-incher well I'm sorry to prematurely bust your bitty boner bubble. This is advice of the mammary sort.  

There was a time I had great breasts. They were a small C cup that were youthful, perky, fun and flirty.  Then child bearing and breast-feeding stole the life and joyous soul out of 'em . What was left behind in the wake of the war were sad, southernly facing bags of sand (40 Year Old Virgin movie reference).  Now, barely a B cup my cleavage where at one time my breasts were inseparable best friends always at each other's side,  have now parted like the Red Sea and resemble an ill-fated couple sleeping on opposite sides of the bed.  Days of wearing my nipples as an accessory have come and gone. There is nothing less sexy than seeing someone's nipple staring at their feet.  BUT alas another accessory emerged that I was NOT able to wear before….

I couldn't wear bralettes with bigger breasts.  They would cause nip slips, quadra-boob (this is when there isn't enough fabric to cover your breast so it cuts in to the middle of your boob and appears like two lumps), and they wouldn't offer any support.  Now, bralettes fit fabulously and give my mosquito bites an illusion of a spot of cleavage.  For the occasional night out they make a great accessory to an outfit and add a touch of femininity, sexiness and sass.  Since I can't rock my nipples the little peak of lace gives that flirty je ne sais quois to any date night outfit. My collection is a plethora of styles and shades that I like to add as a pop of color under a top or dress. With my style I prefer the more lacey feminine bralettes but you can find them in a more strappy dominatrix looking style that fellow blogger Jeanie sometimes rocks in her wardrobe (super hot under simple tanks or tees!). What's great about these fun accessories is you can buy them on a bargain so you can shift colors and styles with the season then wash, wear a few times, throw away then replace with another. They are often found reasonably priced at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Amazon, etc.  Check out some of the ways i like to accessorize with my bralettes.

  • Bralette- Amazon $7.99
  • Blouse- Harlowe & Grahamm








  • Bralette-Urban Outfitters $16.99
  • T-shirt- Splendid
  • Bracelet- The Fabulous Rag Pacific Beach







  • Bralette- The Closet $6.99
  • Romper- The Closet
  • Bracelet- Bullets & Bangles







  • Bralette- Forever 21 $12.00
  • Tank - Lush
  • Bracelet- Chan Luu







  • Bralette-Asos $9.00
  • Romper- Winston White
  • Necklace- Nordstrom