Giving Thanks

We can't leave this day unrecognized so we thought we would share the top things these West Coast Wives are thankful for...

Queen JLo

I'm sure you saw her AMA performance this past week.  If you haven't, crawl out of that rock you've been under it is amaze-balls.  We are thankful for Miss Jenny for the Block for not only making me question my sexuality but also for showing us that  your 40's can look so damn good. What excuses do we have in our 30's?! NONE. Bow down when you come to JLo's town.


We can be snarky and silly here on WCW but in all seriousness, a city known for inspiring so much culture, history, art, (Chanel),  and love they have shown such resilience and beauty in the aftermath of such a horrific tragic event. It truly is a reminder to be thankful and appreciative for the life we have and of all the lives around us.  

Cyber Monday

Thanks to Cyber Monday we are able spend Black Friday nursing hangovers and watching Xmas specials far, far away from overly aggressive shoppers yanking their screaming kids around. We prefer the civilized route-  checking off the 'ol gift list from the safety of our offices on company time.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Right smack dab in the middle of the holidays, this annual phenomenon serves as a crucial reminder to slow your Christmas cookie roll.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes you feel more like a slobbery obese with frosting on your neck rolls than watching these beautiful freaks of nature strutting their bad ass selves down the runway. VSFS season is my bathing suit season. I train to tune in.

Herbal 'Remedies'

While portioning and moderation are daily exercises in self-control during the months of Novemebr and December, we can't completely deprive ourselves during the holidays. Thanks to our herbal remedies (think less Cheech and Chong and more Swiss Kriss and Ballerina Tea) we're able to keep things moving along and give that cheese board that might have been chased with a pumpkin pie an exit strategy.


San Diego (aka home for us WCWs) is a transplant city where finding a native San Diegan is basically the equivalent to finding a unicorn. Whether out here for school, work, or eternal sunshine the truth is we don't have family that chased the dream with us (um, thank god). During the holidays though this can be a bummer which is why there's no ship like FWENDSHIP. We rely on our pals and they really become our second fam bam. And with this family we can drink that bottle of champs through a crazy straw and wear slutty holiday attire with wayyyy less judgement. 


Now we couldn't be a WCW without our WCHusband's.  Although we have to put up with their spontaneous flatulence, forgetfulness when it comes to yet another dinner plan, their hands on their junk in front of the TV, their drunken seduction attempts, (the list can go on!) we are so grateful for these hubbys and all the love and support they offer us all day erday.  Who else can dodge questions like "Does this make me look fat?" and "Which celebrity would you want as you hall pass?" Who else will sit and hold our purses at the next Bloomie's sale?  Who else will let us pick at their faces like a mother orangutan? We may put up with a lot with these baboons but we ladies are no walk in the park either!  Thank you boys for loving us even when we ugly cry.  

Happy Thanksgiving from the WestCoastWives- xoxoxoxoxo!!!