Fix Your Face

For those of you who have already seen this video on my artistry page and artistry instagram (shameless plug, @tuyentranartistry), apologies for this self indulgence but I had to share with my WestCoastWives followers.  This video highlights a few things I'm really into right now: the splice app, contouring, and makeup foundation tools.  

Every morning I am greeted with a very important decision... What is the makeup look I want to go for?  Do I want a polished glam look with contour resembling Lili Galichi? Do i want a bronzed, glowy beach look like Gigi Hadid? What about a minimalist fresh faced look like Emma Watson?    Yes, as Donald Trump is solving our country's problems, I'm busily figuring out my face's debut into my Monday workday. Because I am obsessed with makeup and all the paraphernalia that go along with it, there is not just one tool I use to achieve these looks.  Ladies and gentlemen get your makeup boner's ready for some of my favorite foundation and face blending applicators.



Beauty Blender $20

No ladies, this isn't a butt plug but it certainly is just as exciting! The beauty blender used wet to blend your foundation is phenomenal.  It is particularly great under the eye area and has a feeling like using your fingers without the icky transfer of germs.  You can also use this for buffing the loose powder that rests on the surface of your skin to eliminates that furry "I have an adolescent peach fuzz beard"  look.  I also like to carry this with me and use it midday when my makeup starts to get ruddy and needs to be blended through and softened rather than adding more powder or foundation. There are many imitations of the beauty blender out there that have even more phallic representations, but I find the beauty blender to have the most longevity. 



Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Brush $82

Can we take a moment to admire this beautiful work of makeup genius.  Mr. Aucoin is looking down from the heavens blessing this creation.  Yes this brush is a splurge but it gives an amazing airbrushed look to your face and makes you feel like Kevyn Aucoin is personally applying your foundation. Ok that is a bit of a hyperbole, but it truly feels like luxury.  I  use circular rounded motions on my face to create a buffed out flawless finish.  The quality of the bristles feel so good on my face that it makes me want to rub it in other places. Like my hand!!!  Get your minds out of the gutter! I digress. The blending style of this brush is great not only for foundation but any kind of highlighter or color corrector. I love buffing my Smashbox Photo Finish Color Corrector with this because it integrates with my foundation so smoothly that my skin's dark spots seamlessly disappear.  The long handle on this brush does not make it easy for travelling in your handbag but it's awesome for getting ready at home for that glam night out.  


Giorgio Armani Blender Brush $49

Don't let the size of this little guy fool you.  This baby makes the saying "it's not about the size of the boat, it's about the motion with my foundation"  so true, (ok the saying didn't quite go like that but you get the point).  This is a makeup bag MUST HAVE! I got this brush as a hand me down 4 years ago from a BFF of mine and just had to replace it because I got the bristles stuck in a zipper (insert There's Something About Mary joke here).  This brush can do it all.  It does a fabulous job with blending cream contour. The bristles are that perfect size where it's small enough to specifically carve out areas like cheekbones or your nose without blending your makeup away like larger brushes can.  It can blend foundation. It can blend concealer. It applies cream blush beautifully to cheeks and cream highlighters to cheekbones.  The list goes on and I'm hoping it will one day walk into the kitchen and pour me a martini.  The short handle, although not as impactful looking as its long handled competitors, is awesome for travel, convenience, and can get the job done!  For you ladies who are familiar, consider it the "Bullet" of makeup brushes.   A definite staple for your makeup arsenal.