Black Card

Here's a scenario all-too-common in my world as a WCW, and it all starts with an itch. Not the kind that inspires uncomfortable Vagisil commercials, but the "my-closet-feels-uninspired-and-I-need-a-fourth-Cafe-la-Rue-weekend-happy-hour-option" itch.  But there's still smoke coming out of my wallet (and husband's ears) from last week's "having-a-skinny-day-and-would-rather-shop-than-eat" lunch break.  Thanks to my (TJX Rewards) Black Card I don't have to white-knuckle through this shopping compulsion.  Instead, I'll get off on the thrill of the hunt, and maybe discover a Dolma leather jacket currently being sold on Revolve for twice the price (TRUE STORY btw).  Talk about a big fat cherry on that supple leather sundae.  Which brings me to...

Five execution strategies when never paying full price for fabulous:

1.  Do NOT go when you're short on time.  Unless I want to trigger a panic attack and end up reaching for that emergency Xanax in my Celine, I only go when I can truly dedicate myself to the hunt.

                                                                             Doma Leather Moto Jacket - Retail $700 -  Scored for $300

                                                                             Doma Leather Moto Jacket - Retail $700 - Scored for $300

2.  Do NOT go there looking for something specific.  The "I want a chic sleeveless dress, above the knee, not to clingy, size 2, pastel color pallet need not apply" mentality won't get you anywhere here.  The true payoff comes when you float from the shoe section to contemporary to activewear and let your inhibitions go.

                                                                          rag & bone/jean Skinny Legging  -   Retail $185 -   Scored for $40

                                                                          rag & bone/jean Skinny Legging - Retail $185 - Scored for $40

3.  Remember the rule of the 'first find.'  If you discover something that you think you kinda like but could also live without it- GRAB IT.  I've found that once I break the seal and have something in my arms it's like Quimby's law of attraction- more treasures start jumping off the racks.

                                                                                Rails Hunter Button Down  -   Retail $135 -   Scored for $59

                                                                                Rails Hunter Button Down Retail $135 - Scored for $59

4.  CLEARANCE. RACK.  This area often gets overlooked because, well, aren't those the pick-over loser reject threads?  Erroneous.  This rack is the holy grail and make sure you show respect and comb through carefully or you might miss that James Perse staple white tank for $7 bucks.  

                                                                    Husdon Signature Bootcut Jeans    -   Retail $200 -   Scored for $50

                                                                    Husdon Signature Bootcut Jeans Retail $200 - Scored for $50

5. Zip code.  These places aren't going to stay in business if they can't appeal to their neighboring demographic, so it's not brain surgery as to why the inventory at the 92037 Marshalls makes the inventory at 92115 look like Cheap Hooker-Mart.  

                                                                  Diane von Furstenberg Knit Wrap Dress   -   Retail $400 -   Scored for $59

                                                                  Diane von Furstenberg Knit Wrap Dress - Retail $400 - Scored for $59

Got any retail discount meccas of your own?  Please share!!!