Halloween Haute

It's that time of the year again where I dig through dusty high school dance recital gear and that hidden box of old raunchy ex-boyfriend lingerie where crotchless panties and torn fishnets come in all colors (Hubby, if you're reading this, I've only been with one other person, he was a college sweetheart and these clothes were more for dress up than dress off). Yes, it is HALLOWEEN season! My dilemma with Halloween is the high cost of dressing up when dressing in so little.  I surely don't want to dig too deep into my Chanel fund for a one night only shit show.  Thus I rely on these few things: Creativity, Joanns Fabrics, the back of my closet I haven't cleaned out and MAKEUP!!  


Here are some simple makeup and easy costume ideas to make your Halloween sexy and maybe a little spooky. I promise I won't have what happened to Lindsay Lohan on Mean Girls happen to you.




Things you'll need- A robe or kimono in a satin or oriental print. A sexy pair of strappy stilettos. A topknot in your hair with chopsticks.. 


  • Ben Nye's Super White Face Powder $6 or Ben Nye Clown White Foundation $9- both are reasonably priced professional makeup products that are easy to apply.  The cream makeup will look like our girl here on the left where the powder applied over your own foundation will have a look similar to the girl on the right.  
  • A smoky eye shadow combo.  I highly suggest utilizing Mac's Blacktrack fluidline as an allover lid base with Mac's Carbon eyeshadow to set it on top.  
  • A bright matte red lip color.  I personally like Lorac Lipstick in Explore.
  • For the look on Geisha girl on the right I highly recommend NYX Extreme Apricot for the pop of red in her eyeshadow. It's a vibrant matte red and it's only $4.50!

Kylie Jenner


Things you'll need- A long haired blue wig, a two piece nude or low cut white dress and a selfie stick.

Makeup- The look is winged eyeliner, with neutral eyeshadow, lots of fake lashes with a lot of mascara, deep contouring of the cheeks and nose, and a LOT of emphasis on the lipliner.  For the contour emphasize the look by strobing with a lighter loose powder below the eyes and cheek bones. And for the exaggerated pout start at the cupids bow of your lips to extend out with a deep colored lipliner like Chestnut from Mac.  Once you get that duck faced outline, blend in to finish the look. 


Kitty Kat

Things you'll need- Love this simple but sexy costume.  Cat ears and a black outfit that makes you purr. Perhaps fishnets and garters? leather leggings? or maybe if you read Jeanie's previous blog some over the knee Highland Hack's?


  • Winged cat eye, whiskers and nose- Makeup Forever liquid liner pen gives great precision.
  • Lips-NYX no sharpen black pencil as liner and Mac's Viva Glam 1 red for lip color.  

Anastasia Steel, Fifty Shades of Grey

Things you'll need:  This hot number can most likely be dug up in your own freak nasty arsenal.  You might even get your significant other to join in as your Christian Grey but make sure you have a pair of handcuffs! Perhaps wear a black sheer robe, or a silk slip nighty, or maybe just wear a sheet pinned around you.  Then add a strip of black lace over your eyes like a blind fold. ...

Makeup- To give that "I've just been ahem...." look wear a dewy foundation and perhaps add some shine to the cheek bones and bridge of nose with a shine like Benefit's High Beam.  For the lips a soft subtle pink with a thick rich gloss like Mac's Oyster Girl Lipglass

Joan Crawford, Mommy Dearest

Things you'll need: I stole this idea from my dear friend and blog follower "I'm not a Kors, not quite a Birkin." She posted this amazing selfie and it is the balance of creative, freaky, and sexy. You'll need a wire hanger, a fabulous floor length robe, a headband and some big pinned curls!


  •  For that Cold Cream mask look- Ben Nye's Clown White Foundation applied precariously and not blended or smoothed.
  • A great matte red lipstick with a little depth to give that old Hollywood glamour- I suggest Mac's Viva Glam I.



Zombie Ice Skater

Things you'll need- I had to include one of my favorite costumes I did with my husband a few years back! For this zombie ice skater look I used a white embellished bathing suit then sewed a feather boa around the waist line.  For my hair I found white flower girl accessories to pin on the side and I found the medals at the dollar store. 


For the skull detailing and eyeliner = I suggest Mac's Black Track Fluidline used with Mac's Scene eyeshadow.

For the deep contouring - Mac's Coquette Eyeshadow is a cool toned brown that gives that near death, sunken cheek look.