So I know we just met and all, but apparently three blogs is all it takes for me to let loose and let it all hang. After imbibing in an excessive amount of antioxidant-rich grape juice, stuffing face with peanut butter cup ice cream, and then not clocking in anywhere close to my necessary nine hours of beauty rest last night, I'm looking beat ran over in need of some freshening up. So I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and use today's blog to introduce one of my favorite beauty products and use the 'ol iPhone to capture all the gory make-up and filter-free details. Things are about to get REAL.


Let's try and overlook the fact that my selfie game needs work and focus on the good stuff. Freshly scrubbed out of the shower, we've got facial discoloration, hormonal acne, and allover pallor- oh my!


The Good Stuff:

It's true that a tan covers a multitude of sins, but not only is sun damage the antichrist, it's cloudy out today so even if I wanted to make bad decisions and take it al fresco, mother nature has me in check.  Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint is amazing for achieving a healthy glow- it's designed specifically for your face and goes on tinted so you can make sure to apply evenly.  It also doesn't clog pores (huge for me) and works super quickly. Whenever I apply it at night before going to bed, I always have at least one person the next day mention how I "got some sun" and look so nice and tan. GURLLLLLLL.


Again, I know it's difficult to focus with the super chic selfie-fest, but let's move along and get back to the business.  These were taken an hour after application and you can see a difference already, DEFINITELY an improvement. The product continues to darken a bit too, so by the end of the day I'll be a shade or so bronzer. 

Hope this was helpful!  I had to share as this is one of my beauty staples that I've turned quite a few friends on to and is a (multi) repeat-purchase which says a LOT for me considering my compulsion to try ALL THE PRODUCTS.  I also feel the need to introduce you to Linus as I wrap this up since he is a camera whore that made the selfie shoot even more treacherous. Adios!